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When the band was formed there was no formal uniform but the pipers and drummers returning from the war were Gordon Highlanders and were said to have donated their Uniforms to the band, hence we wear the Regimental version of the Gordon Tartan. The Gordon Highlanders Tartan was designed in 1794 based on the then Government’s Black Watch Tartan and incorporating a yellow stripe which makes it very distinctive.


In due course the band acquired what is known today as the Number One Uniform which comprises of Tunic top, plaid, horse hair sporran, spats and hose, the headwear would be either a Glengarry or a feather bonnet, for a Pipe band this is surely the most striking outfit to wear but it also has its drawbacks in that it can be extremely warm when playing indoors or at a Highland Games if the weather is hot.


The fashions change over the years and bands started wearing the Number Two Uniform which was a Crail jacket, shirt, tie, same kilt with Hose and gillie brogues, thus keeping the Number One Uniform for special occasions, Kintore band changed to the Number Two Uniform in season 94-95 and still use that today, waistcoats have been added to the uniform, although this is a more comfortable dress many in the band would like to go back to the Number One Formal Dress. (Watch this space).